SpeedCircuit True Cold Air Intake (GSR ONLY!)

SpeedCircuit True Cold Air Intake (GSR ONLY!)


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Ready to upgrade your restrictive, cluttered OEM intake to a single piece, 3" mandrel bent free-flowing, great sounding CAI? Now's your chance!

This high quality intake system is available in both 304 stainless steel and aluminum. The cone filter sits in the driver's side fender well to pull cold, clean air.

This kit features:

  • 4-ply Hose Techniques coupler in Red, Black, or Blue
  • High quality stainless steel T-Bolt clamps to ensure a secure fit and no damage to your coupler
  • A top notch dry flow cone filter, ensuring both maximum airflow and dirt filtration

Benefits of this intake include:

  • Improved throttle response
  • 15hp power gain
  • Opens up the engine bay
  • Smoother power throughout the RPM range
  • Awesome sound
  • A show-quality piece to set your engine bay apart from the crowd.
  • A part that will last the lifetime of the car.
  • Silicone hose couplers available in Black, Blue, and Red!
  • Since the stock MAF housing is retained, it will have no ill effects on your idle or driveability.

Installed Photos:

Available finishes:

Polished - The default finish for this intake. It is what it is.
Brushed - For people who don't like shiny things, but still want a clean look.
Raw - For those who either don't care about looks, or for those who plan on finishing it themselves. Choosing this option will save you money!
Powder Coated - We can powder coat this the color of your choice.
Polished and Powder Coated - Polished finish with a transparent powder coat on top. This can be in the form of a clear coat, a black chrome powder (as seen in the photo of the installed CAI above), etc.

Sample photo of some finishes:

Regarding your choice of stainless steel vs aluminum for the piping:

Advantages of stainless over aluminum:

  • Much better corrosion resistance. With a quick wipe of a rag and some polish will look brand new anytime.
  • Better for welding, smaller, tighter, cleaner welds, can be welded to more metals
  • Brushed and polished finishes will look better due to it's higher luster (ie, shinier) and harder surface
  • Doesn't conduct heat as well (far less likely to heat soak)
  • More durable - less likely to bend, ding, etc. It will take much more overall abuse.

Advantages of aluminum over stainless:


  • Much lighter weight (a few ounces for aluminum vs a few pounds for stainless)

Click here for installation instructions!

We also give you the option of ordering this kit without the air filter in the event that you already have one or are supplying your own. An air filter is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED to run this kit, and we strongly recommend the AEM dryflow for its airflow and filtering capabilities.