SpeedCircuit Ported Head (FS Engine)

SpeedCircuit Ported Head (FS Engine)


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The long awaited SpeedCircuit Heads for the 2.0L Protege are now available! These heads will flow up to 71% more air at certain lifts over a stock head! All SpeedCircuit heads are completely stripped down and rebuilt, including new parts where necessary. There are two stages of heads available.

Stage 1 includes:

  • Special five angle valve job
  • Bowl work to blend the stock machine cuts into a larger bowl
  • Resurface
  • Disassemble/clean/reassemble
  • Sandblast clean
  • Valve lash set
  • Pressure test to ensure no leaks

Stage 2 includes all of the above, as well as

  • Completely ported and knife-edged intake ports
  • Completely ported and knife-edged exhaust ports
  • The extra porting and knife edging results in a larger port that is more consistent than the stock port, resulting in smoother power and better airflow.


Combustion Chamber
Intake Port
Exhaust Port
Flowbench results (note the grayed areas are beyond what the stock lift is on the FS-DE engine

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