SpeedCircuit OTS Tune For Evo X/Ralliart

SpeedCircuit OTS Tune For Evo X/Ralliart

OTS 1-01

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SpeedCircuit OTS Tune for bolt on cars, running stock injectors, and pump gas.

**NOTE** This is NOT a custom tune. This is our proprietary canned tune that we feel provides the best bang for your buck if you're looking for a bit more oomph out of your car, but can't necessarily go for a full custom tune. If you do choose our OTS tune, you will be able to upgrade to a custom tune for a small fee.

For all of our customers that have been asking for a cheaper and quicker solution, this is it! We all know that "other" OTS solutions don't offer the safety, power, or reliability that something more "custom" does, but the price is hard to ignore. What if there was option that could give you a good bit more power, without the cost of a full tune? You now have it with the SpeedCircuit OTS Tune! If you plan on staying stock turbo and just going with a FBO while saving money for a full tune this is for you.

Note: The tunes are the intellectual property of SpeedCircuit, and may not be shared with anyone without written consent. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the car is mechanically sound. SpeedCircuit is not liable for any damages that may occur to your car. This is done at your risk. Also, no two cars are exactly the same. If the OTS tune does not run optimally on your car, you may be required to upgrade to an e-tune for better results.

Note: Once an OTS tune been sent to you, there are no refunds.