SpeedCircuit Forged FS-DE 2.0L Protege engine

SpeedCircuit Forged FS-DE 2.0L Protege engine


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What our engine features that the others can't touch:

  • Tighter tolerances for less piston slap and smoother operation
  • Superior forged pistons with our own unique design
  • Superior forged X-Beam rods
  • Proper bearing and gasket sets matched to this engine
  • Proven design elements specific to the Protege

There is no competition for this built motor.

These engines are built with very high quality components, such as forged chromoly rods from Pauter, and forged 2618 aluminum Arias pistons.

Arias enjoys a reputation among the best piston manufacturers in the world. Compared to the competition, they boast a superior build quality and fit and finish. This translates into a stronger, quieter piston than many forged motor owners are used to.

8.5:1 compression pistons are used in this motor by default do to their resistance to pre-ignition for turbo applications. If you would like a custom compression ratio for your motor, please allow an extra 6-8 weeks for delivery. Extra fees may apply.

Pauter rods are extremely high quality rods with extremely tight tolerances. These rods are responsible for holding together the motors of many Protege owners for many years. Their strength is simply amazing, and we have never seen them fail for any reason.

Be sure to check out our available clutches, engine mounts, manifolds, and turbo kits!

If you are looking for a completed engine that you simply have to bolt manifolds and accessories to, read on. Here's a check list of what you’ll need in addition to the block.

  • Windage Tray
  • Oil Pan (AWR or OEM)
  • Head (Stock or SpeedCircuit)
  • Valve Cover
  • Pulleys
  • Head Gasket
  • Complete Engine Gasket set
  • Head studs or bolts
  • Water pump w/ gaskets and hardware
  • Oil pump w/ gaskets and hardware
  • Timing belt, tensioner, spring, and pulley

Shipping and Pick-Up: Unless a local pick up is arranged, the engine will be shipped via UPS Freight. Shipping must be paid in full before the motor ships. Shipping charges are NOT included in the price of this engine - it does not qualify for free shipping.

Explanation of options:

Brand New Engine Block: Choosing this option will not only get you a brand new OEM block as the starting point for your build, but your engine will be completed faster due to less disassemble time and machine work.

Core Credit: If you are sending us your engine to rebuild or you are sending us an extra motor, choose this option to save money. Please note that if we find your core motor to be in poor condition, we will be unable to give you this core credit. In this event, we are not responsible for shipment of your core back to you.

Windage Tray: If you purchase a rebuilt engine, it will come with a non-Mazdaspeed windage tray (upper oil pan). If you purchase a new Brand New Block, it won’t come with any windage tray at all. If you have one from your stock motor that is in working order, you can bolt it up to either of these motors. If yours is damaged or you would like a new one, please choose the appropriate option. Only select the Mazdaspeed option if you are running an OEM style Mazdaspeed oil return line for the turbo.

Order will not be shipped until shipping is paid in full. This item is custom made to order, and therefore is not returnable. Please allow 6-9 weeks for delivery.