SpeedCircuit Automated Super Sport (A.S.S.)
SpeedCircuit Automated Super Sport (A.S.S.)

SpeedCircuit Automated Super Sport (A.S.S.)


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The SpeedCircuit Automated Super Sport will automatically make your Evo X MR or SE start up with the SST transmission in Super Sport Mode. SST cars which are making significantly more than factory torque should always be run in Super Sport Mode, due to it's increased clamping pressure. Failure to do so will result in excess clutch slippage and short clutch life.

Avoid the hassle of manually putting your car into Super Sport Mode! The factory transmission mode switch will still retain all functionality and will allow you to choose Sport and Normal modes if desired.

Compatibility: This device is made for the Evo X MR and Evo X SE. It will also work with a Lancer Ralliart that has been converted to have Super Sport mode.

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