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SpeedCircuit EcuTeK Flash


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On our car, we gained 72 extra horsepower to the wheels on a Mustang Dyno. Please note that Mustang Dynos tend to read about 10-13% lower than a standard DynoJet.

We achieved this on a hot summer day on 93 octane fuel. The car has zero driveability issues, and is much smoother and faster than stock. Simply put, it's a whole new car.

This is the perfect solution for someone who wants a stealthy yet serious modification to the car. Aside from the large power gains, it is virtually undetectable by anyone, including dealerships. If you're concerned with keeping your warranty intact, this is the product for you.

When ordering, Please be sure to specify the octane of fuel you will be running. Please specify your performance modifications as well. Also be sure to choose how aggressive you'd like your tune to be.

Mild - Good gain in power, however conservative and very safe. If you're not obsessed with making top performance numbers, this choice is for you. This tune runs richer air:fuel ratios and less aggressive timing.

Medium - Better gain in power, more aggressive. This runs less rich and more aggressive timing than Mild.

Spicy - Almost as aggressive as hot. Essentially this is a "Hot!" tune with slightly less timing.

Hot! - Best gain in power, however the most aggressive. This flash runs air:fuel ratios and timing numbers for optimal torque and horsepower. It is STRONGLY recommended that your car is equipped with a wideband air:fuel gauge if you are considering this version of the flash.

You have two options on how to attain this flash.

Option 1 - Make an appointment to have your car flashed, and come see us. Aside from your driving time, this option only takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Option 2 - Mail-in flash. Remove the ECU from your car (instructions to be posted shortly) and ship it to us. You may want to ship it via an overnight carrier as to have your car down for a shortly as possible. While all of our flashes are extensively tested to produce good gains without any negative consequences, it must be noted that they are to be run at the risk of the customer.