Pauter Billet Rods for Mazda Protege FS Motors

Pauter Billet Rods for Mazda Protege FS Motors


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Pauter's unique single rib design E- 4340 chrome-moly forged rod. Overall, the clean, windage-reducing design and strength of these Pauter rods has proven to be extremely popular with racers, and their consistent high quality and excellent finish has resulted in many satisfied customers.

Application: All Mazda 2.0L FS 4cyl motors, including Mazda Protege, 626, MX-6, and Ford Probe.

These rods have been race and dyno proven for years in the Mazda FS motors. These high quality forged rods are built to very tight tolerances, and can support more power than you can make out of an FS motor. Not only are they about twice as thick as the stock Mazda rod (pictured in photo on left), but they are far more than twice as strong.