Magnus Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit Evo X

Magnus Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit Evo X


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Magnus Motorsports has seen even stock EVO X’s under spirited driving blow up the master cylinder, and their latest design addresses this issue. The problematic EVO X plastic clutch master cylinder problem is finally Solved. They engineered a solution that anyone can install with simple tools that everyone has in their garage.

No need to remove the pedal assembly to cut the ball joint, this kit supplies you with an OEM Evo IX aluminum master cylinder, with a billet ball joint attachment so you don’t have to cut off the original pedal ball joint and drill to accommodate a heim joint. Also the pedal height is now completely adjustable, and it can be done very quickly and easily. All you do is break the jam nut screw remove the clip, pull off the balljoint and thread to your desired clutch pedal height.

A braided stainless steel line replaces the original line in vehicle. A must have upgrade if you are installing an upgraded clutch of any type, so you are not left stranded with no clutch!