Arias SpeedCircuit 90mm (2.2+L) pistons for Evo X 4B11T

Arias SpeedCircuit 90mm (2.2+L) pistons for Evo X 4B11T


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These pistons are made by ARIAS pistons to SpeedCircuit specifications for 90mm overbore pistons. These pistons will work in 2.2 - 2.5L engines.

  • Hi-tensile forged, not cast, billet material (2618).
  • CNC machined working surfaces.
  • Optimized crowns for efficient combustion.
  • Diamond-turned ellipsoidal skirt profile.
  • Turbo pistons feature durable, heavy-duty design.
  • 90mm overbore pistons for 2.2+L engines.
  • Upgraded heavy duty wrist pins to handle well over 40psi of boost.
  • Extra thick ring lands.
  • Heavy duty rings. 9.0:1 compression.

Pistons are also available in stock bore

Package includes pistons, rings, wrist pins and upgraded wire locks (rather than spiral locks).

May take up to 6 weeks to deliver. Contact us before ordering.