APR ECU Upgrade - 3.0T S Porsche 911 992

APR ECU Upgrade - 3.0T S Porsche 911 992


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We're excited to announce our Engine Control Unit (ECU) Upgrades are now available for the Porsche 911 Carrera S (992) 3.0T engine with the Bosch MG1 ECU! Expect massive gains with up to 530-627 HP with 506-533 FT-LBS of torque on tap, depending on octane and stage! Our new suite of software comes after months of extensive research and development that is typically absent from the aftermarket. Our upgrade makes the engine more powerful and more exciting. We've extensively calibrated the system to work flawlessly on the track, while retaining safety routines to protect your engine in the most demanding scenarios. This was all made possible by our engineering team's pursuit of perfection. Development vehicles were outfitted with additional sensors, including turbo shaft speed sensors, thermocouples, transducers, and more, along with our high speed direct RAM logging equipment, to feed valuable data to the team for analysis. After thousands of hours of testing and tuning we created new calibrations that are fine tuned for several octanes and contain hundreds of map changes, with a vast array of safety features built in.


  • Delivers up to 530 HP with 506 FT-LBS of torque (APR Plus)
  • Delivers up to 530-627 HP with 506-533 FT-LBS of torque (APR Stage 1)
  • Max gains of a +88 WHP and +115 WFT-LBS of torque (APR Plus)
  • Max gains of +88-176 WHP with +115-144 WFT-LBS of torque (APR Stage 1)
  • Supports 91 AKI, 93 AKI, 100 AKI, 104 AKI, and E60-E85 fuel grades
  • Ethanol and race fuel support for maximum power on the race track
  • Optional factory term limit matching limited powertrain warranty with APR Plus
  • Multiple stages of performance offered
  • Launch control optimized for improved launches
  • Wet-mode retains factory output levels for maximum safety, stability, and grip
  • Standing RPM soft limiter increased in neutral
  • Optimized thermal management with various engine safety protection routines added
  • Enhanced power delivery and drivability through recalibrated exhaust flap actuation
  • No hardware required (Software only)
  • Supports standard bolt on modifications
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Direct OBDII port flash (No ECU removal)
  • 30 day money back guarantee



Driving Modes - We’ve optimized boost, fueling, ignition, cams, and more to achieve greater power and torque in Normal, Sport, and Sport+ modes, while Wet-mode retains factory output levels for maximum safety, stability, and grip.

Features - In Sport Plus mode we’ve reduced turbo lag during reapplication of the throttle by building boost while off the throttle. We’ve raised the free-rev limit in neutral. We’ve optimized launch control, improving launches. The exhaust flap was recalibrated to reduce back-pressure and create turbo spool characteristics. Many other features, such as break boosting, left-foot braking, speed limiters, and more that are common modifications on other platforms are already present from the factory on this ECU.

Safety - With many customers tracking their Porsche, safety is paramount in our calibration strategy. Through the use of extreme datalogging equipment and additional sensors, thermocouples, and transducers, our engineers were able to fully optimize the ECU for advanced safety routines. This includes implementing several routines not enabled from the factory. The entire thermal management system is optimized to reduce engine bay temperature, and reduce intake air temperature, while also implementing advanced protection routines to prevent oil temperature from achieving unsafe levels. The exhaust crackles disable when temperature thresholds are crossed, and are only enabled in sport mode. Next, we help protect the engine from LSPI by preventing the engine from being lugged out in tall gears. We also protect the turbo from damaging compressor surge, and add in turboshaft overspeed protection. We’ve enabled new temperature protection routines to prevent the engine, exhaust, and other components from overheating, and have implemented temperature management strategies that are fully mindful of the platform’s limited fueling capabilities. We’ve calibrated torque delivery to be mindful of the transmission. We’ve optimized the injection strategy to not only deliver a fatter torque curve and better spool, but to reduce the chances of knock, and torque dips. This is also achieved alongside per cylinder ignition advance and fuel trimming. Serious track enthusiasts should consider running race fuel, and adding additional coolant and charge air cooling upgrades for maximum performance.