Tuned McLaren 600LT

Sinister 600

The Sinister 600 is a 2020 McLaren 600LT. Originally owned by an MLB ballplayer, this car was optioned out from the factory including carbon fiber seats and vented front fenders.

It's had a number of minor cosmetic updates, including a transparent satin PPF wrap, which cuts down on the gloss and keeps it more low key. Custom powder coated wheels and calipers help it pop, but nothing pops as much as the exhaust!

Current power modifications include SOUL catless downpipes and tuning software from M-Engineering. Those mods alone are good for over 100hp. This car makes the jam and turns heads everywhere.

The pre-mod baseline had it running the quarter mile @ 134mph, and we gained 8mph, resulting in a launch-limited 10.2 @ 142mph.

Stay tuned!