AEM ECU Extension harness

AEM ECU Extension harness


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The AEM ECU Extension Harness is perfect for those who are installing electronics that need to be tapped off of your factory ECU harness. In the past, you would have to literally cut into your factory harness to connect such components as turbo timers, data loggers, fuel computers and other devices that need to bypass or modify the ECU's signal. With the AEM ECU Extension Harness, all you do is simply plug this harness between your ECU, and your factory harness, and you are all set! When doing your installs, simply tap into the new AEM ECU Harness, and since you are not splicing into your factory harness, you can always go back to stock in a second - simply remove the harness!

Each wiring harness is designed to be used with your specific vehicles wiring harness, and is built with the factory original harness connectors. It's simply plug and play! Each AEM ECU Extension harness comes with a 1 year manufactures warranty.