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Santi's Evo X Track Machine

This SpeedCircuit built machine was piloted by the infamous Dirty Sanchez himself.  This E85 powered car was often seen running 305mm wide Hoosiers, allowing the MHI-18K to hook up in virtually any situation.  Countless Track days and Autocross events were run on this car, along with several FTDs (Fastest Time of the Day) for the latter.

In general, the modifications to this car were big, sticky tires, Raybestos ST-43 brake pads biting on GiroDisc 2pc rotors, Ohlins coilovers, various upgraded bushings, full engine bolt ons, Kelford 214-B cams, MHI-18K Turbocharger, and a fuel system to deliver E85 to the combustion chamber.

This car is breakneck fast on the right course.