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  • White Queen Evo X

    The White Queen started her life as a completely stock Special Edition. Initially she was planned as a daily driver, but as the years went on little by little those plans changed. Driving a stock Evo is akin to having a fine steak on your plate and refusing to eat it! So she went under the knife and what you see is the end result.

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  • The SpeedCircuit RS

    The SpeedCircuit RS is the Ford that you hate to love! As soon as she rolled off the lot she began going under the knife to really strut her stuff.  This EcoBeast handles as good as all the reviews claim and is plenty quick to boot. It's seen a few AutoX events since the summer and has impressed every single time!

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  • Santi's Evo X Track Machine

    This SpeedCircuit built machine was piloted by the infamous Dirty Sanchez himself.  This E85 powered car was often seen running 305mm wide Hoosiers, allowing the MHI-18K to hook up in virtually any situation.  Countless Track days and Autocross events were run on this car, along with several FTDs (Fastest Time of the Day) for the latter.

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  • E36 M3 Track car

    This has been the SpeedCircuit track car for years.  It's done  countless SCCA Autocrosses, Track Days, and even made it out to the drag strip once to run a 13.428 @ 100.08mph.  Since then, the engine has been rebuilt and upgraded cams were installed.

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  • #deathmachine

    #deathmachine is a purpose built track slayer.  Built as a Mazda Miata based "Exocet" kit-car, #deathmachine is a force to be reckoned with.  Since the stock Miata drivetrain was lacking power, a GM LS1 engine twists a T56 transmission until it meets a Caddilac CTS LSD rear differential.

    It weighs in at just under 1900lbs wet and never fails to impress.

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  • Dino's 2001 Mazda Protege MP3

    This car is one of the most recognizable modified Mazda Proteges in existence.  Back in 2003, it was the first Protege MP3 to run a 13 second quarter mile, and it's best quarter mile was in 2005 when it ran a traction limited 13.3s @ 108mph. Continue reading

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