It's hard not to love this car.

Often, when it comes to highly modified cars, sacrifices must be made to comfort and drivability in the name of performance. This is not the case here.

The beauty of this car, is that despite it's extensive modifications, it drives and behaves like stock. That is, of course, until you drop the hammer. Once the turbos hit, and they really do hit, the car pulls so hard that your body will react in unpredictable ways. You may not be able to breathe, your ears may pop, and if you're especially unlucky, you may need a change of clothing.

Current modifications are as follows:

  • AMS Alpha Turbo Kit w/ G35 1050 Turbochargers
  • AMS Alpha Stage 5+ Transmission package
  • AMS Alpha Billet Intake Manifold
  • Dual Motec M142 Standalone ECUs
  • Syvecs 100Hz GPS integrated into the Traction Control System
  • Upgraded Fuel System
  • R888R Tires

The car is on the stock engine, and is currently making 1450whp, while running a 3.0s 60-130mph time.